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We live in a world where businesses find bigger opportunities by promoting their business to a large number of people online. Businesses are going online by creating their own e-commerce websites or applications. This is because they believe that e-commerce can spread their business over the internet and expand their network in a very quick and efficient way. Promoting their business through e-commerce can expose them to millions of people around the world. 

Maybe someone of you is planning to build an online store to stand out from the ordinary but is hesitant about the huge developer cost and reliability. 

We have answers to all your doubts and tensions.

Our team at Phoenix Designs and Media Productions will help you to launch an e-commerce store that is more reliable and highly optimized with a better pricing. 

Phoenix E-Commerce

What's included with our e-commerce services?

- Easy to handle your business.
- Useful for any business.
- Add unlimited products and categories.
- Download reports as excel or PDF files.
- Easy to set up delivery services 
- Manage using PC/Android Devices.
- Easy Payment Gateway integration 
- Least transaction charges for online payments (1.49%)
- Settlements within 1-2 days.
- Customers get invoices automatically after successful purchases.
- Android App Ready
- 100% Uptime
- High metrics rank

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