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Campaign Phoenix is a dedicated platform for Digital marketing automation and e-commerce. With Campaign Phoenix, you can grow your business online. Campaign Phoenix has an amazing E-Commerce platform that helps you operate your online store with ease, and Marketing Automation that takes care of your lead capture, lead nurturing, email marketing & audience segmentation.






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Know More About Campaign Phoenix

Campaign Phoenix is a feature-rich platform. It's an all-in-one platform for E-Commerce, Email Marketing, Social Media Automation, and Short Message Service (SMS) Marketing. The platform allows you to sell online and ship your products, manage emails, and schedule social media updates.

Campaign Phoenix is a SaaS (software as a Service) product, which means you do not need to install any software or hardware. You get instant access to Campaign Phoenix and can start using it immediately.

Email marketing is a critical channel for increasing traffic to your site. Our email marketing tool allows you to send email campaigns to your existing subscriber lists, or you can create targeted segments and send to brand new subscribers.
Our email marketing feature helps you to send emails with 5/5 ratings. The best part is you can integrate your own SMTP for marketing or Amazon SES/Sendgrid.

Campaign Phoenix provides a wide range of tools and features for showcasing your online presence in a better way. It provides you with proven tools and proven features for Social Media management and for automating campaigns & notifications.

Marketers and business owners are using Campaign Phoenix as a social media automation tool. It builds a targeted audience through different social media networks. It helps in generating more traffic to the website and also helps with managing and tracking social media interactions. Campaign Phoenix's social media tools and features include post randomizer, Chatbot, live chat, messenger marketing, live streaming, chat broadcast, interest finder, comment auto-reply, Ice breakers, interst finder, etc.

E-commerce websites do not require any technical expertise and are very easy to set up. However, for E-commerce you can directly create an online store so easily with Campaign Phoenix. You can create your e-commerce site under our domain ( or you can connect your own domain name. Using CampaignPhoenix you can manage your products, sales, shipping, coupons, funnels, etc.
The Ecom platform makes it easy to create reports that are easy to understand. These reports provide a great snapshot of sales, product profitability, and tax information. You can create customized reports based on the data you want to see.

Phoenix E-commerce is different from Campaign Phoenix.

Phoenix Designs and Media Productions

Better Marketing Through Campaign Phoenix

Digital marketing is a broad term that encompasses all Internet advertising. It includes online media, social media, and e-mail. With all those options, you need a powerful digital tool that allows you to manage your campaigns.

What if a single tool can handle all your company's digital marketing needs?

Campaign Phoenix is an affordable one-stop-shop for all your business marketing needs. It has tons of features that simplify email marketing, social media marketing, and eCommerce. Campaign Phoenix is also an excellent solution for data management.

Campaign Phoenix can manage your email campaigns, social media marketing and ecommerce. It is already equipped with lots of features and integrations.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Automation
Campaign Management
A-B Testing
Amazon SES/Sendgrid Integration
SMTP Integration
Email Designer Interface
Email Templates
Unlimited Contacts

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Automation
Facebook and Instagram Management
Post randomizer
Live Chat
Unlimited hours of live stream
Persistent Menu
Chat Broadcast
Interest finder


Create Unlimited Stores with No Code
Add Unlimited Products
Custom Store Themes
Order Management
Shipping Management
Woocommerce Plugins
Funnel Creator
Razorpay, Paypal, WooCommerce, Stripe and Gkash Integration


Chatbot Flow Builder
Comment Auto Reply
Chatbot Defaults

SMS Marketing

SMS Broadcast
Purchase Sender IDs
SMS Credits
Integrations with Twilio in Roadmaps

Google My Business

Create Agents
Create Chatbot Flows
Live Chat
Locations management
Brand Management


One stop online platform for all your Digital Presence.

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31,999 Rs

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